Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Located under the CCLB English Publications – Downloadable page, there are several lesson plans for Stage 1. Each lesson contains outcomes, warm-up and vocabulary-building activities for the four language skills. There is also a community contact task. Lessons also come with suggested resources and language focus for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

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Stage 1 – CLB 1 – Canada: Weather
Stage 1 – CLB 1 – Canada: Winter in Canada
Stage 1 – CLB 1 – Food: Making tea
Stage 1 – CLB 1 – Health: Medical clinics, understanding a directory
Stage 1 – CLB 1-2 – Employment: Preparing to find a job
Stage 1 – CLB 2 – Food: Healthy eating
Stage 1 – CLB 2 – Transportation: Using local transit
Stage 1 – CLB 2-3 – Food: Making salad
Stage 1 – CLB 4 – Food: Cooking
Stage 1 – CLB 4 – Housing: Renting an apartment


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The Complex English Language Learners (CELLS) tool was produced by the Calgary Board of Education for ELLs who may have special needs. While intended for use elementary and secondary students, the document will be helpful for teachers and administrators in adult settings as well.  The model helps educators to identify concerns and provide ELLs with effective supports.

The document provides descriptions of learning challenges in the following areas: behavioural, communication (listening and speaking), reading, writing, and mathematics. The authors offer linguistic, cultural and other considerations, and provide sample intervention strategies and additional resources.

There are few resources for adult ELLs with learning challenges; this is a helpful guide for all educators.

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