TESL Ontario expresses appreciation to the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI), now Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), for its support in the research and development of Ontario’s Directory of Best Practice Resources for Language Training, a comprehensive resource for teaching adult ESL and FSL in Ontario.

Sincere thanks are expressed to the Directory Project Team of:

Carolyn Cohen – Project Team Manager Phase 1

Judith Bond – ESL Researcher/Writer Team Manager Phase 2

Julianne Burgess – ESL Researcher/Writer

Simona Sunara – FSL Researcher/Writer

Kevin Gamble – Office Manager TESL Ontario

Kevin O’Brien – Programmer and Design Coordinator

The Editing Company, Toronto – Proofreading

Allison Keown  – Manager, Member Services and Communications

Special thanks are extended to the following experts with whom the Directory Project Team consulted to establish resource selection criteria and recommended resources for the Directory repository:

Mourad Mardikian, Joseph Colonna, Maria Volakhava, Umme Namdarkhan, Athra Walied – MCI

Jen Artan – Webinar Team Technical Lead, Directory of Best Practices and Webinars Project

Anna Bartosik – Webinar Team Manager, Directory of Best Practices and Webinars Project

Tania Connell – York Catholic District School Board

Diane Elliott – Hamilton Wentworth District School Board

Lou Ann Kablarevic – CESBA

Geoff Lawrence – York University

Sheila Nicholas – Upper Grand District School Board

Sharon Rajabi – Toronto Catholic District School Board

Antonella Valeo – York University

Thanks to the following for their considerable assistance with coordination of Focus Groups for ESL and FSL instructors and administrators:

Élissa Beaulieu – Gestionnaire du programme et des partenariats NCLC, CCLB

Bernadette Beaupre – CCLB

Hanna Cabaj – Toronto Catholic District School Board

Sheila Carson – Thames Valley District School Board

Carole Lapointe – Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est

Jennifer McKay – Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Lori Neale – CESBA Project Coordinator

Susie Nunes – York Region District School Board

Grainne O’Donnell – Toronto District School Board

Francine Spielmann – Gestionnaire des programmes de langues, CEPEO

Judy Whitfield – CESBA
Appreciation is extended to the many instructors and administrators who responded to ESL and FSL online surveys. Thanks to Allison Keown – Manager, Member Services and Communications, TESL Ontario – for design, distribution and reporting of the online survey for Ontario’s Directory of Best Practices for Language Training.