Miro: Collaborative Online Workspace

Last Updated:

June 17, 2024

Target Audience:

Miro can be used at all levels of English proficiency, but would likely work especially well in higher level and EAP classes. It requires a degree of digital literacy, and comfort level with online work spaces.

Context for Application:

Miro would be a very useful planning tool for both individual and group capstone assignments. (Collaboration can be synchronous or asynchronous.) Its affordances include flowchart and journey map creation (with an extensive shapes library, advanced mind mapping, and connectors); diagramming; process mapping; and workflow and project management capabilities. It would also work however, on a much more basic level such as demonstrating comprehension of a story/article through, for example, showing the sequence of events by creating a flowchart and incorporating images or videos from the web.


Miro allows you to migrate your existing Jamboard content to its platform. It can be used for planning, organizing, brainstorming, reflection and presenting by individuals or groups. It can also be used in teacher-led contexts where the teacher solicits input from the whole class and creates a diagram that is visible to all via a projector.



Miro is a collaborative online workspace that facilitates group or individual planning and brainstorming.  It works like Google's Jamboard, but has more functionalities.


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