This site is located in Canada and is for all ESL teachers, K to Adult. There are word scrambles and search generators. There are thousands of worksheets available (there are filters). Many are connected to PowerPoint downloads or YouTube/Ted Talk videos or popular movies/songs. There are ESL articles for instructors that focus on professional development. The site is relatively easy to navigate. Search has a drop-down listing of choices aligned with your search words. No registration is required. You can sign up for a newsletter.

Search “employment” or use specific search words such as “job search” or “business English.” It may take time to explore available worksheets, activities or how-to examples.

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This is an online dictation tool that uses voice recognition technology to transform voice into digital text. It functions with Google Chrome. Users can narrate emails, essays and long documents into text without typing. To begin, users must connect a microphone to the computer and click the Start Dictation button. The app uses the browser’s local Storage to automatically save transcribed text. The program will work with several languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Malay.

The app can also be used as a pronunciation tool. It corrects text based on context, but does not overcorrect.

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This website is designed for beginning and intermediate learners (not CLB aligned), with a wide variety of activities for language practice, including podcasts, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The podcasts  link to different sites, including Archie comics.

This course addresses fundamental concepts in the teaching of pronunciation, teaching the pronunciation of consonants, teaching the pronunciation of vowels, teaching word stress, teaching rhythm, and teaching intonation. In-class delivery of 30 hours over 10 weeks on the Newnham Campus of Seneca College.

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All PTCT courses are listed under Post TESL Certificate Training.

Making It Clear presents concise guidelines for teaching pronunciation to CLB levels. (No activities provided.) It contains a list of recommended resources.

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TESL Ontario’s webinars are available to everyone through TESL Ontario’s You Tube Channel.  Free access:

TESL members may also view webinars through Tutela (registration required). Current and archived webinars are available for viewing.  Webinars count as TESL professional development.

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Select TESL Ontario in “Groups” to access webinars past and present.

This pronunciation course is for TESL Ontario accredited instructors. The course will cover several topics, including linguistic systems, phonetic alphabets, vowels and consonants, rhythm, intonation and linking. The course will also cover unique features of Canadian accents, pronunciation problems common to particular language groups, planning with CLB documents and integrating pronunciation with other language skills.

Assessments include quizzes, reflective journal entries and a lesson planning assignment.

Participants may start at any time but must complete the course within a 6-month timeframe.

Blended delivery: 20 hours online, 5 hours in class. Skype option for participants 100 km from Mississauga.

Self-paced – completion in 6 months


All PCTC courses are listed under Post TESL Certificate Training.

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Vocaroo is a simple voice-recording app that can be used in a computer lab or by individual students. It can be used for pronunciation practice. Messages can be played on a variety of devices, but recording is not currently available on smartphones or other devices. Recorded messages are not permanent. The site requires Adobe Flash download.

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